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Aéro-club ROGER JANIN, a nonprofit organization, was created in 1955 at the instigation of the nearby Société Nationale de Construction Aéronautique du Nord to facilitate practicing aviation for its employees. With opening to external members, ACRJ gained progressively independence (from Aérospatiale, EADS, AIRBUS…). ACRJ is now completely independent and autonomous, but keeps on its tradition of practicing leisure aviation with safety as an utmost requirement.

ACRJ is based on Les Mureaux airfield, along the Seine river west of Paris, with an easy access from Paris by A13 (Normandy highway). With 8 aircraft, ranging from the light 2-seater aircraft for initial training, up to the long range / instrument flying  4 seater “Bonanza”, with one full time flight instructor and a dozen of volunteer flight instructors, ACRJ is officially approved by French DGAC (Direction Générale de l’Aviation Civile) as a flight training organization compliant to EASA standards (European Agency for Aviation Safety), to provide training for light airplane pilot license (LAPL), aircraft private pilot license (PPL-A) and night rating.

Licensed member pilots also enjoy to fly all over France, and even Europe for those rated for English radio communications.

English speaking people are most welcomed to visit us for a discovery flight or to become members of our nonprofit association, and we may deliver training in English: Yes we can !

Please feel free to call!